June 2013 MeasureBowling Europe Pictures & Wrap-up

The first edition of MeasureBowling Europe took place with 220 participants in 10 cities (Cologne, Dublin, Edinburgh, Lille, London, Madrid, Nantes, Paris, Utrecht and Warsaw) on June 6th, 2013. Everyone seemed to have had a great night and it was definitely a big step forward in developing the European Web Analytics community. Prizes were also awarded to 15 bowlers at the European level.

Peter and I are still amazed by the total number of attendees as well as the Twitter activity for sharing strikes & spares on the European level. Online Optimizers published a very nice visualization of the 147 tweets a few days ago! Some cities did not have Internet access at all, though.



All of this has been made possibly by a fanstastic team of volunteers in each city: Heike Lück & Julia Kemp (Cologne), Carol Sweeney  & Joanne Casey (Dublin), Andrew Hood (Edinburgh), Gemma Muñoz & Aurelie Pols & Vicente García (Madrid), Frédéric Forster & Ronan Chardonneau (Nantes), Nicolas Guillard (Paris), Ton Wesseling & Reinout Wolfert (Utrecht) and Piotr Poznański (Warsaw). For most of them, it was their first time organizing a bowling competition. In some cities, it was the first Web Analytics social event ever! Congratulations to all of them for making this first event a huge success! Many thanks also to all the local sponsors in certain cities!

The best pictures of the event have been posted on Pinterest.  All city pages have also been updated with group pictures and links to blog posts.


Cologne Dublin Edinburgh Lille London Madrid Nantes Paris Utrecht


In Utrecht, MeasureBowling was also the opportunity to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Dutch-speaking webanalisten.nl blog platform as well as to launch officially Online Optimizers, the pan-European blog platform!


So, what’s next now?

At the origin, our idea was to held the event once a year. Since the feedback that we have got about MeasureBowling has been incredible, we have decided to held the event twice a year.

In order to avoid agenda conflict with end-of-year parties, the date of the next MeasureBowling event is set for Thursday November 14th, 2013.

If not already the case, don’t forget to join the MeasureBowling Facebook groupLinkedin Group and Google+ community to stay in touch with the latest updates!

If you’d like to organize an event in your city, please contact us!


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