MeasureBowling began life due to a Twitter conversation in mid Aug 2011 where @Exxx requested an Digital Analytics event in London during a visit (she is based in Budapest).  With support from @Cyberdees (who was an old hand at arranging bowling evenings), Peter organised the first MeasureBowling event in London.  It was a great success with 43 attendees and promises to arrange again in the future.

Distractions have prevented further plans for MeasureBowling in London in the form of two London MeasureCamps (plus client work) although a small Christmas edition was held in Dec ’12.  An idea was there for a 3rd MeasureBowling evening in London in Summer between the two MeasureCamp events of 2013.  But then Nicolas stepped in to say he had been inspired and would be holding a MeasureBowling evening on Thurs 6th Jun in Lille.

With that slight push, Peter decided to hold MeasureBowling in London on the same night.  With two cities involved, it was only a short leap for Nicolas & Peter to wonder if a few of their contacts elsewhere in Europe would be interested in getting involved.  Emails were sent with positive responses (thanks to @AureliePols who knows a web analyst in every city in Europe!).  A bit more work and here we are with a website, logo and events confirmed for 9 cities (hopefully more to come) – MeasureBowling Europe is on!

It will be a single event occuring in multiple locations, organised locally in all cases but with a single theme.  The night might run a little differently in each case, different start times, potentially different rules.  We have specified that presentations are not allowed but local sponsors are fine (to help pay for refreshments for the bowlers).  All that is left to say is – get involved and happy bowling…

Peter O’Neill & Nicolas Malo

@peter_oneill & @nicolasmalo

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