MeasureBowling #12: Special game with special conditions

MeasureBowling #12 took place on October 8, 2020 with only 1 city included: Lyon.

A special game with special conditions – face mask included:


Unfortunately the event must be canceled in all other particitpating cities due to Corona virus (COVID) last-minute: Augsburg, Milano, Munich, Nuremberg, Prague, Salzburg and Vienna.

Originally #MeasureBowling #12 took place on March 26, 2020 with 24 cities and more than 300+ participants all over the world. But the first version must be canceled because of a world wide lockdown due to Corona virus.

We made a second try on October 8 but unfortunately the situation didn’t become better and most of the cities need to cancel the event as well.

Only Lyon could make it this time that’s why the best bowlers are from: Lyon. ,-)

Seb was the winner of the evening because he made 145 points: Congratulations!


Due to this special conditions we made some special local gifts this time. .-)

MeasureBowling is organized by volunteers in each city, who are all practitioners in Digital Analytics. A huge thank you for all organizers who put a lot of effort in making the event possible but need to cancel it due to this special times as well as to Khrystyna Grynko and Mehdi Oudjida for making MB possible in Lyon. That’s amazing!


If you want to get your city involved next time, just contact Michaela to find out more details and to get your own page on the website.

Have a look on Twitter and the Hashtag #measurebowling to see the highlights of this event and all previous too.

MeasureBowling will return as soon as the crisis is over. So no new date this time but we will inform you asap via all our channels.

If not already the case, don’t forget to join the MeasureBowling Facebook groupLinkedin group and Google+ community to stay in touch with the latest updates!

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