MeasureBowling #NerdShirt

One tradition at MeasureBowling is a nerd shirt competition.  The best two win a gift voucher from ASOS (to buy a decent shirt) and everyone gets a lot of entertainment value.

The rules are very simple:

  • Wear a nerd shirt to your local MeasureBowling event
  • Get photo taken of you in your shirt (bowling ball optional)
  • Enter comp by tweeting photo with name of entrant and hashtags #MeasureBowling and #NerdShirt

Winners will be announced on Friday and we will publish a blog post with all entries.  For inspiration, check out some of the entries from the last MeasureBowling.

In case you weren’t aware, everyone who attends MeasureBowling has a chance to win – on and off the lanes.  There are ten door prizes which all attendees (who sign up in advance) are eligible to win with a max of one per city.  These will be announced during Thurs night.

The big prizes are for the top three bowlers (single game) who each win a £50 Amazon gift voucher.  Be aware that you would have needed to roll at least a 169 last time with a record MeasureBowling score of 180!  Details of all prizes from last time (including winning nerd shirts) in the MeasureBowling II wrap-up.

Where ever you are in Europe, have a great MeasureBowling night!


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