Countdown to MeasureBowling

We are now into the countdown to MeasureBowling, only 3 weeks to go.  Tickets are on sale for an evening of bowling in 8 different cities across Europe – just waiting on Warsaw to open up their registration process.  Sales are going well across all cities and it appears we are going to have 9 fun evenings.  In fact MeasureBowling Lille is already sold out.

The biggest event is currently looking to be MeasureBowling Utrecht.  I have no idea how to pronounce that but I have discovered that it is a town in the Netherlands.  They started off aiming for 40 attendees but after quickly selling out, have booked out the entire bowling centre.  That’s right, an entire bowling centre in Utrecht will be full of Digital Analysts.  Scary…

Congratulations on the work done so far in organising this to Ton & Reinout.  And thank you to the sponsors of MeasureBowling Utrecht, Rabobank IKS & Adobe Netherland (Premium Sponsors), Sitespect & MOA (Side Sponsors).

A common question is how we are going to coordinate the event across all of the different cities and it is not something we have entirely worked out yet.  The starting point will be Twitter and all tweets/score updates will use the #MeasureBowling hashtag.  We are open to suggestions for a common scoreboard or anything else as long as this includes details of how to achieve it.

It is intended as a fun event which may take different forms in each city.  At MeasureBowling London, we are planning to go with a #NerdShirt theme (great success at the 1st MeasureCamp) and to use the MeasureCamp #SwearJar (for Digital Analytics or bowling jargon).  We will be awarding prizes for the best #NerdShirt (as well as best bowlers).  There are no sponsors confirmed for London as yet, happy to talk to anyone who would like to be involved.

So, key action to take.   Get your tickets.  Now.  Immediately.  Please don’t wait until the last minute, help out your organiser by buying your ticket now so we know numbers.  And tell your colleagues, friends and the people you talk to on twitter but have never met in person about MeasureBowling – get them to come along too, the more the merrier…

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