June 2013 MeasureBowling Prizes

Feedback from all 10 cities was that MeasureBowling was a great success with over 220 participants.  Photos can be seen on the individual city pages (for those cities that remembered to take photos) and a blog post will be coming out soon with an overall wrap-up of the event.  But getting to one of the most asked questions – who won?

Best Bowlers

The best score of the night a highly impressive 161, bowled by Javier Riestra from Madrid.  He narrowly piped Mike van Hoenselaar of Utrecht, one pin back at 160.  I believe Mike had the highest combined score over two games for the night as his other game came in at 158 (probably one of the most consistent bowlers too).

Third place went to Sara De Velasco Perez, bowling in London although part of the Spanish contingent that is working in London.  She definitely wasn’t consistent and I believe didn’t trouble the scorers in the first two frames on her next round…

Congratulations to all three bowlers who received a £50 Amazon voucher each.  We already have word that Javier purchased copies of Lean Analytics & Storytelling for User Experience, hopefully the other two invested their money in similarly wise fashion.

Javier Riestra

Door Prizes

Ten lucky attendees then received a door prize of a £20 Amazon voucher each.  It didn’t quite end up that every city received a prize but it got shared around a bit.  The winners were:

  • Mary Callery – Dublin
  • Eran Ben Sabat – London
  • Angel Vega – Madrid
  • Manon Snoeren – Utrecht
  • Hellmar Becker – Utrecht
  • Paula Sanchez Vazquez – Madrid
  • James Gill – London
  • Gary Douglas – Edinburgh
  • Benjamin Descazal – Paris
  • Vincent Larregle – Lille

Please, no one ever ask me to read out that list of names.  My pronunciation is terrible at the best of times and I would have no hope with that list.  It is great to see such a diverse mix of people and nationalities involved within this event.

Nerd Shirts

While there weren’t a huge number of people involved in this competition, it was very tightly contested by those who did participate.  Next time I will make sure not to be the judge so my effort of “Pies are for eating, not for charting” can be rightly recognised.

The winners were:

  • Michael Notte – for an old school Apple shirt
  • Ashley Lindley – wearing a branded shirt from Initech, the software company from the cult movie Office Space
  • Alice Moore – a tribute to Amy Pond’s feelings about the Doctor (Who)

All three received a £30 ASOS voucher – to be used to purchase a decent shirt…


Everyone is a winner with the MeasureBowling eMetrics discount code of LETSBOWL giving you a discounted rate at all of the European eMetrics conferences.  You get £130 off at eMetrics London and €150 off at eMetrics Berlin and Stockholm.

Michael Notte
Ash Lindley
Alice Moore


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  1. Nicolas GUILLARD June 24, 2013 at 12:20 pm # Reply

    The Paris winner is Pierre Gosset, not Benjamin Descazal (Sorry Benjamin). I can provide proofs.

    • Peter O'Neill November 1, 2013 at 2:08 pm # Reply

      The door prizes were randomly selected, not for the best bowler in each city. But congrats to Pierre for bowling the best score in Paris…

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