Registration opened for 25+ #MeasureBowling cities in Europe, North America and China!

The next edition is 5 weeks away and the registration is opened in 27 cities: Belfast, Berlin, Bristol, Brussels, Cologne, Dublin, Geneva, Innsbruck, Lille, London, Los Angeles, Marseille, Moscow, Mulhouse, Nantes, Newcastle, New York City, Pamplona, Paris, Philadelphia, Prague, Raleigh, San Francisco, Shanghai, Southampton, Utrecht and Vienna.

To get registered, please select the city in the MeasureBowling cities page.


The goal of MeasureBowling is to build the Digital Analytics community, both locally and at the global level, with a fun social activity. There are no presentations or talks, just a relaxed evening of bowling (usually some drinks are involved too).  Prizes will be awarded to the best bowlers and nerdshirt wearers across all cities involved in the event.

MeasureBowling is organized by volunteers in each city, who are all practitioners in Digital Analytics. If not already the case, don’t forget to join the MeasureBowling Facebook groupLinkedin Group and Google+ community to stay in touch with the latest updates!

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