Switching from NerdShirts to PeaceShirts

MeasureBowling was born of a desire for a community to support each other.  Sadly we are living in a world where support is becoming more and more needed.  These attacks in Paris are only a continuation of attacks through the whole world, especially in the Middle East, and none of these should be ignored.  We are still checking on the safety of the French Analytics community, thankfully no bad news received so far.

The local team is still to decide on whether MeasureBowling Paris will go ahead this Thurs but hopefully everyone else intends to.  We thought our community could make a small gesture of support by switching from #NerdShirt to #PeaceShirt for this MeasureBowling evening.

These shirts can be purchased (if time for delivery, there are plenty of online options) or handmade.  They could use the Eiffel Tower peace symbol, contain a message for peace or anything else that the wearer feels appropriate.  It would be great to have team photos of everyone wearing #PeaceShirts to share.  Just something so that we know that our community is supporting each other and anyone suffering from these attacks.

Eiffel Tower Peace symbol World Symbol for Peace

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