Why you need to attend Measure Bowling or how to organize your own

Measure Bowling will be back on the 2nd of June. For the 7th time, Digital Analysts from about 25 European cities will go bowling together.


For those who don´t know Measure Bowling or don´t work in Analytics it might seem like a weird concept. I have seen seen a few poker faces on friends or even my boss when I have tried to explain it / convince them to attend. But once they´ve experienced it, they agree that it´s pretty cool, and ask me why it doesn’t happen more often.

Why should you attend Measure Bowling?

Well, let´s recognize that our favourite part in a conference is at the end – when you have the chance to talk with others in a relaxed environment, and also talk with / ask questions of someone in particular, and of course, socializing.

Measure Bowling goes directly to this part since there are no talks. We play one or two bowling games, taking part in a local competition, but also an international one between the different cities. In most cases, it also includes dinner, (which is highly appreciated by the Spaniards) and some beers.

There is also a t-shirt competition, normally themed around nerd t-shirts. Unfortunately, I don´t have the pic, but the best one I have ever seen said “NO, I will not fix your computer” :) A few of us also wear nerd socks on the evening (yes, there is a pic for this). No white socks please, though! There are also prizes (books, toques, Amazon vouchers etc).

nerd socks

Briefly, Measure Bowling¨:

  • Is fun: I don´t know anyone who has not come back a second time, or who has even considered not coming again.
  • Lets you meet up with / get to know other Digital Analysts in a relaxed way – actually, that´s the best way to do it, and in our profession networking is pretty important.
  • Is different and helps to consolidate the “Analytics Community”

I don’t know any other profession having such a thing. Even less, doing it internationally

Even mascots have fun at Measure Bowling :)


Why should you organize Measure Bowling?

Last time in London, the organizers were Noémie Greyl and I.

The organization of each event includes:

  • Booking the venue
  • Creating & managing the event on EventBrite
  • Getting a few sponsors, so we can offer free food, drinks, prizes etc -
    We´ve had Klipfolio, Supermetrics, Cramberry Panda and Tealium. All of them have received brand visibility in an environment full of Digital Analysts. Klipfolio and Cramberry Panda will sponsor us again, along with 7Tag, the TMS developed by the Piwik guys and Qualaroo.
  • Promoting the event -
    Mainly done through LinkedIn & Twitter, plus emailing and talking personally with people who could be interested in attending. Additionally, Time Out, which is the no.1 online “things to do” guide for London has mentioned us in their site.
  • Hosting & leading the evening itself -
    Welcoming people, introducing newbies to others, organizing the lanes, paying and arranging bills, ordering and providing the food and drinks, taking pictures, taking note of the results etc. Yes…in my case, it also included using a sofa as my own personal stage :) and introducing Measure Bowling to attendees, since -obviously- there was nothing else to stand on!

It´s true that as the organizer, you need to take the initiative to solve problems and make sure everything is running smoothly – since you do it voluntarily. But it´s very gratifying when you see that attendees enjoy what you have done and when the evening is a success. Thus, I really think you´ll find it worth the energy.

I had never done anything similar before, and my main motivation was to consider it as a personal challenge – to get out of my comfort zone and host the largest Measure Bowling (well, this is not actually true, since it seems that the one organized by Ton Wesseling in Utrech brought even more Analysts).

I´d like to give a special mention to Lucía Marín & Andrea Mínguez, from Aukera Marketing who have also got out of their comfort zone and organized the first Measure Bowling in Bilbao, making in roads and in a very short time. Same thing for Diego Gaspar, who will be organizing the first edition in Barcelona.

Final thought

If you are reading this, I will tell you that you should definitely include Measure Bowling in your agenda, and attend the one happening in your city. Or…you could organize your own!

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